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HOPE SF is a partnership with the Mayor's Office of Housing to rebuild select public housing sites, increase affordable housing and ownership opportunities, and improve the quality of life for existing residents and the neighboring communities. In February of 2007, the HOPE SF Task Force presented Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Board of Supervisors, and the Authority with a set of recommendations for revitalizing severely distressed public housing identified by the Authority. The Task Force recommended that the City and the Authority partner to rebuild all of the distressed sites as mixed-income communities. The sites identified as distressed are Hunters View, Sunnydale, Potrero Terrace & Annex, and Alice Griffith.  

HOPE SF begins with Hunters View. Today, Hunters View includes 267 units in 50 two- to three-story buildings spread over a 20-acre site. Because so many of the units have become uninhabitable, the original 267 units now house only 148 families. The obsolete buildings are in dire need of replacement. Furthermore, disconnected streets, poor public transportation, and steep inclines isolate Hunters View from the broader neighborhood. HOPE SF will replace all 267 existing public housing units and add additional affordable and market-rate homes to the community. Amenities will include open space, community facilities, and retail opportunities. Hunters View will become a neighborhood that preserves the cultural and economic diversity that makes San Francisco a great city (see attachment).

For more information on the revitalization process, including resident services and relocation, please contact Alicia Sisca, Director of Housing Development and Modernization, at (415) 715-3265

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