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San Francisco Housing Authority to Open Housing Waiting List to Homeless Residents.
Waiting List Scheduled to Open January 13, 2015

(January 2, 2015) SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., - Today, the San Francisco Housing Authority announced the targeted opening of the public housing waiting list for homeless residents of San Francisco.  Beginning January 13, 2015 homeless San Francisco residents will be able to apply to place their names on the public housing waiting list and ultimately receive a place to call home. To expedite the process, applications will be received online only. Homeless residents throughout the City will be able to access the online application at libraries and at select Housing Authority sponsored sites where staff will be available to assist applicants with the online application process. Once submitted, applicants will receive an immediate online confirmation that their application was received.

The waiting list enrollment process is scheduled to end on January 18, 2015, giving San Francisco homeless nearly a week to enroll. Housing Authority staff will work with its partner agencies, which provide services to homeless residents, to promote the opening of the waiting list, to encourage San Francisco residents to enroll, and to assist them with the application process.  

“Today’s announcement is a positive first step in providing not only a home, but an opportunity for individuals to grow and thrive in San Francisco,” said San Francisco Housing Authority Acting Executive Director Barbara Smith. “Mayor Lee and I believe there is nothing more important than making sure that all San Francisco residents have a home for generations to come.”

Once enrolled, residents will be placed on the waiting list through a random placement process. If formerly homeless families and individuals are residents in permanent supportive housing, the waiting list will not exclude them. On the contrary, permanent supportive housing residents will be given priority to access the current waiting list, and future waiting lists in order to allow permanent supportive housing residents the opportunity to transition into permanent housing in San Francisco.  

This opportunity will continue beyond January 18, 2015, through a referral from the Human Services Agency (HSA) of the City and County of San Francisco. The referral process will be ongoing as those in permanent supportive housing meet the criteria for referral to the Housing Authority. When homeless in permanent supportive housing are referred from HSA and housed by the Housing Authority in public housing, a permanent supportive housing unit will become available for homeless without shelter. This creates a ladder of housing that benefits multiple households and aims to reduce homelessness in San Francisco.

About the San Francisco Housing Authority: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors established the San Francisco Housing Authority in 1938. The San Francisco Housing Authority is the oldest housing authority in California and the 17th largest in the country. Since its inception, the San Francisco Housing Authority's Conventional Public Housing Department has grown to include over 40 developments located throughout San Francisco.  

In 1974, the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly "Section 8") was introduced by the San Francisco Housing Authority. Over 10,000 individuals and families have been served through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Today, the San Francisco Housing Authority serves over 20,000 individuals residing in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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